About us

Blazej Palka printing office was founded in 1991 and it became the first private offset printing office operating in Breclav region. The first machine, which the printer was equipped with, was the Grafopress Letterpress machine.

With the intensive development of business and the associated requirements for advertising the offset printing equipment was needed. The offset machine could not only quantitatively but mainly qualitatively satisfy the most demanding clientele. This important technological move helped the printing office to ensure its permanent position in a competitive market.

After 10 years of continuous work, improvement and expansion of the fleet, in 2001 the firm invested in the purchase of new technologies - flexography printing machine. In the same time the new subsidiary ETIFLEX, s.r.o. was founded, which was also owned by Mr. Blazej Palka. During 2003 up to now, the printing office ETIFLEX s.r.o. specializes in the production of wine labels.

In 2007 the owner of both companies Blazej Palka retired and the individual companies were transfered to his daughters with their husbands. The owners of Blazej Palka printing office (offset technology) are Martina and Jan Mraz, the printing office ETIFLEX s.r.o. (flexography technology) owners are called Lucie and Bronislav Hotar. The transfer of companies brought new management with a focus on marketing, sponsorship, employee development and customer care.

The aim and purpose of both companies is to continue the well-developed family tradition towards quality, reliability and customer satisfaction in the coming years.